Thursday, October 23, 2014

Update Plato's Screw Now Out in Paperwork Second Printing coming out! Ebook update edition coming coming about December 18

After a very long journey of revisions and a publisher change, my second novel Plato's Screw is now out in paperwork.  My current publisher Wild Ocean Press has recently issued a press release and I posted it here.

If you purchased an ebook--it came out in December, 2013, on Amazon--you should be qualified for an updated version. You should be notified when the new version is available. It should be available no later than December 18, 2014. The second printing of the paperback is coming out soon, before the end of the year.

Okay, I'm still waiting for the 2nd printing of the paperback and the new version of the ebook that reflects the changes (a lot) in the paperback version! Time is relative. I hear it's happening soon!!! Any day. Within two weeks.