Monday, May 30, 2011

No Dancing Just Look at Statues

I'm not sure what this video means. But it does show how many people it takes to dance at the Jefferson Memorial before the free speech of dancing at the Jefferson Memorial gets booked as an assault against obedience.

I don't know anything about this new law banning dancing in front of statues. It's quite peculiar, this new law. You wonder how the law came into being? You think of Antigone. You wonder what tragedies might follow? You wonder who Creon is in this new episode of enforcement? What will become of all the contemporary Creons involved? The dancers? At first you laugh with incredulity. Not to mention you want to send both the police and the dancers to dancing school, each for different reasons. You want to send all of humanity to dancing school instead of off to war. But then it calls to mind a line of Gabriel Garcia Marquez in a well-known story featuring cruelty against the other, that "the world has been sad since Tuesday." You worry about all the chicken coops and caves people have been forced into. You worry about provincialism. You worry about flags, pollution and the vulnerability of things absent. You worry about the dead and all those who never reached their potential. You wish the protestors would dance with greater feeling and direction. You wish the pleasure of the police looked other than it does. Somewhere in between these two groups, the police and dancers, you want to go for a long walk and recall the walks of Jean-Jacques Rousseau. You want to hold everyone in your arms as you wish humanity had intersected differently with modernity.

For Video that Shows the Dancers and Police, Click Here:

Update: June 1: Why not compromise? Why not let dancers in twice a week, four hours on a Saturday or Sunday and all day on one week day?