Friday, March 12, 2010

The Silly Health Care Reform Bill is America's Version of Healh Care Reform

Now let's get serious. The current Heath Care Reform Debate and its D. Bill or R. Non-Bill we are being solemnly told to take seriously is a test crafted by the Ministry of Silly Heath Care Reform made up of members on both sides of the aisle just to see how silly America can get in framing or not framing a silly health care reform bill as a model for the rest of the world. If I have this right, the framers and non-framers got their inspiration from The Ministry of Silly Walks. The Mandate is of course the silliest part of the bill. The absence of a Medicare for anyone who wants it included in the Exchange is even sillier, and the R's No to Everything Bill is the silliest of all. Good Creative Work, Senators and Representatives. Let's give Washington credit. The framers and non-framers on both sides are some of the silliest people we have elected to public office assuring us they are capable of reaching the silliest heights in framing something or nothing that will make us feel good about them and whatever they do or don't do. See Video that inspired the Ministry of Silly Health Care Reform.