Monday, June 20, 2011

Greece: Bailout/Blackmail June 19, 2011

I won't ask the question whether Greece is being bailed out or blackmailed. I believe the answer is self-evident. I will say the stakes are high. If the people go along with the bailout/blackmail through accepting austerity measures against themselves, we all lose not win. Greece becomes the example, and its people lead the way over the bridge to a new Brave New World of acceptance. On the other side? The impenetrable economic field from which you can't escape. Settle in and get used to it.  The Woman of the Dunes will hand you a shovel to do your part. Economic obedience or else expect to end up The Idiot at best in "The Penal Colony." Expect The Trial to be very black and white.

Where are a more conscious Antigone and a smarter Marlowe when you need them?

 It appears that Greece has gotten itself so entangled in the blackmail/bailout scenario, it'll take more than an Oracle hint to decipher the code behind the austerity measures that are about to trick Greece into The Big Sleep, where it is destined to fall in love with its own reflection of Remembrances Past.

It's global now thanks to the rising Euro Currency Union, just another Godzilla and Dracula combo conjured up by the staged or not (it doesn't matter either way) economic crisis to suck the blood of the people's bank accounts, labor, retirement, chances at optimum living and higher principles--or stomp out their resistance-- in short, it's just another monster  duo to eat much of Greece alive--slowly.

It's the same in America, Russia, Japan, Australia, Canada, and so on. And where it isn't, the conjuring is being learned.  Classes are in session. Sit up straight.

 How many "slanted" lights can't we see?

How long before Alice in Wonderland tumbles out of Animal Farm, through the keyhole of false consciousness, past Reality TV and finds her own Midsummer's Night Dream before she arrives in Greece as Superchild? Will we ever see the Death of a Salesman for the last time? The final act of A Doll's House? The end of Madame Bovary? 

At what time of the day do we stand the best chance to outsmart  ourselves  out of the economic habits that have cluttered the global markets with human "perpetual motion machines": mirrored Iagos, Macbeths, Dated Kings and Red Queens, and Mephistos?

 Is Wall Street just another excuse?

Which poet is reading a line from a poem that says, Catch-22 only happens to Oedipus?

I have no answers. I can never figure out why whole nations refuse to make advances in medicine, science, education, creativity, and so on just because there isn't enough money. I don't know why the people don't just Take the Money and Run Back to the Future. Maybe in a parallel universe right now Greece is posting all debts on a magnetic thing of the universe that will Burn After Reading. Maybe a parallel universe is the answer. At least no one will have to take a chance at losing a day's work or getting their cell phone taken away.

As a member of the debilitated race, the race that prefers to hang on crosses, slit one another's throats, or shove people into cages, I wish I myself would stop Waiting for Godot.  I've learned through trial and error that "A Good Man is Hard to Find" in politics, religion or on Wall Street.

And now in the year 2011, it's clear going On the Road is heading toward The Road of the imagination.

Do we have other options? If we want them enough, I supposed we do.  We just have to write them up. But please, no sentimentalism.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Greek Riots and a Dog Called Loukanikos

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There is very little publicity on the riots in Greece. Yet, in Athens, at least 100,000 people and  1 dog are trying to get the attention of the officials who are attempting to implement deeper and deeper austerity measures against people without much to begin with. Of course there's no austerity in the use of tear gas or other measures to silence the voice of reason and the breaking hearts.  No austerity in measures against bankers.  It's so peculiar the entitlement of a small handful of people who have accumulated a great deal of money from consumers and workers and wish to keep it all even at the expense of the death of others.