Sunday, December 27, 2009

Katharine Hepburn Knows How to Speak

We could use more voices like Hepburn in her 1947 Speech. Too many voices are anesthetized either consequentially or through deliberate manipulations by those whose capital depends on silencing such voices. Yesterday, I was looking up at the sky. Several streaks of jet vapor trails, or more specifically, contrails, laced the sky. I watched one jet leave a continuous streak of vapor that must have gone on for miles and miles, without a break, until the contrail slowly dissolved downward, into the air we breathe. What a metaphor for our time! What political vapor, out of our control, gets pumped into our air, our consciousness, our desires, our waters, our art, our perceptions?  Do we do enough to find out? What coats our skin, our emotions, our thoughts? What cultural contrails keeps people politically timid or asleep?  Rather than more reality shows, we need more community forums for our emotions, our ideas and our bodies to come together, in real buildings, without the leadership of the status quo manipulating the conversation. We need to break down the "chemistry" of the cultural, or political, air we breathe and analyze it. These are my last words of the year.